Frank’s Note to the Missionaries

My Brothers and Sisters  –  I hope all is going well.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep God’s perspective on things. As missionaries we may feel far off and out of it, like the important things are happening in another place. But in fact when we are at the ends of the earth serving God’s poor, little people, we are  at the very center of the Lord’s most important work, the greatest and holiest duty of the Church.

Be FAITHFUL, be a light. Pray yourself into the Lord’s heart and mind. Study the life giving WORD, then live it and announce it to all. Show a preferential option for the poor; make real friends with the poor. Learn to encounter Jesus in the poor.

Pray for one another. Teresa is asking for our special prayers for a young lady named Rowena. Erika and Sarah Carroll need our prayers for their continued safety in General Cepeda.

I love you – please pray for me and Genie and the FMC staff and Board; pray for Kevin and JP Pap., visiting possible mission sites in Peru.  Erik and Sarita are giving a talk on chastity Saturday at the Community of Jesus Crucified – they are struggling to know the Lord’s will for their next mission.

I am about to leave for the New Orleans airport to pick up James and Breanne and Fr. Carvlle returning from Ecuador. Reports are that the mission trip was incredible. Mike and Peggy Melancon just returned from a medical mission to Haiti. Joe just got off the phone talking with the group of seminarians that will be going to General Cepeda in July. Fr. Cantalamessa’s talk last week in New Orleans was so blessed!

The Lord is asking a lot of our little missionary family. Be Faithful and Pray Hard, pray through the intercession of the Missionary Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Endure hardship for the sake of the Gospel.

Plans are underway for Faith Camp, and the Summer School of Missionary Evangelism, and World Youth Day, and Intake. A Come and See is scheduled here at Big Woods in a couple of weeks – pray that all those the Lord wants here will be here for Intake.

Pray for all our needs and finances for this work, pray especially that the Lord will provide for the poor and hungry we are sent to serve.

Pray for our Church to be a resplendent bride without wrinkle or stain or anything of that sort, all of us filled with the Holy Spirit, and evangelizing everywhere. Pray for the Church to be One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

Keep up your blog sites. Send your articles for Serve, which we hope to publish in mid-June.

Be Faithful,  pray constantly for all in the holy company; and pray for me that I may announce the Gospel as I should.

In Jesus,    Frank


About frankfmcmissions

Frank and his wife Genie are the co-founders of Family Missions Company,serving with a board of directors and the blessing of the Bishop of Lafayette. They have served in foriegn missions, along with their seven children, since 1975. They oversee the FMC apostolates and the training of the fulltime missionaries.
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  1. Thanks for the note Mr. Frank! The Eckstines

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