Catholics, JUST DO IT!

This is the Year of Faith; we have entered a New Springtime of Evangelization; missionary evangelism is the greatest and holiest duty of the Church.

Don’t be ashamed of me and my Gospel.

Talk with people about me, pray with them, invite them to be with me.

Pray for the word to run; pray for the spread of the Gospel to all mankind.

Live my Gospel, then speak it out, announce it, teach it,

Proclaim it, preach it,

Preach it boldly, yes, with parresia, with zeal.

Shout it from the housetops – be convinced, committed, and courageous.

Live my Gospel so that others can see it is real, good, true and beautiful, and they can come to believe in it and want it.

My Word is an indestructible seed – it will not return empty. It will accomplish its purpose. It is a light for the path and bread for the hungry; it will not fail to satisfy. It is a solid rock upon which you can build your house.

Announce my Gospel from the pulpits, on the streets, in the schools, at work, at play, always and everywhere, at home, in love.

Contend for the Faith.

Insist on the Gospel in good times and in bad times.

Speak it forcefully, and tenderly, gently, kindly.


Go to the ends of the earth, and teach them all that I have taught you; baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I am with you always, until,the end of time.

Demonstrate the Gospel’s divine origin by signs and wonders; and love and comfort those who weep, and heal the sick and care for the poor and needy.

Carry your cross and follow in my Way; live a holy life, rejoicing and praising and thanking God; stand for justice; build my kingdom.

Listen to what Pope Francis is saying, and JUST DO IT:

“Share Jesus and His Gospel with the marginalized, with people in the public square, be witnesses to Jesus. Go, do not be afraid, serve.”

By Frank Summers II, Founder of Family Missions Company

About frankfmcmissions

Frank and his wife Genie are the co-founders of Family Missions Company,serving with a board of directors and the blessing of the Bishop of Lafayette. They have served in foriegn missions, along with their seven children, since 1975. They oversee the FMC apostolates and the training of the fulltime missionaries.
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