To All FMC Missionaries in Mexico

We have been swimming in an ocean of blessing and joy here at your Big Woods mission base — in the month of April, three of our missionary couples have been/will be married. Their families and friends have come to share in the celebrations of these weddings. Matt and Kylie, and Thomas and Genevieve held their wedding receptions at Our Lady of the Bayous, and the Dold family did work to renovate the OLOB porch to accommodate the gatherings. The weather was inclimate but spirits were high, the food was great, the Masses were anointed, the brides were crazy happy and gorgeous, the grooms were handsome, strong and able; lots of FMC missionaries showed up, many took part in the wedding parties. It has been a wonderful experience fellowshipping in the Kingdom of God!!! A foretaste of the heavenly wedding banquet to which we are all invited!

Construction of our office/chapel/operations center is making good progress. The roof and exterior wall siding is up, electric work and plumbing pipes are in place, windows and doors have been installed. The building is FMC simple and functional, promising a future of worldwide missions preaching the Gospel to all creation and serving the poor. When you see our new office/chapel/operations center, you will really thank the Lord.

My oldest granddaughter, Alyse (Sarah’s daughter), has graduated with top honors from Mount St. Mary and is now working through her Fulbright Scholarship in Mexico, teaching at a school in the mountains above Mexico City. It is providential that Alyse is teaching English there, she is an American ambassador to our precious Mexican neighbors. (Read Alyse’s blogs chronicling her time in Mexico —

Mexico is very special in God’s plan for FMC and the Kingdom. Our friendship with brothers and sisters in Mexico and our work there has been a formative influence on our lives and influences our missions around the world. It was in Mexico that the Lord trained us to “make real friends with the poor.” Our family has lived in countries around the world. Nowhere do we USA-Americans have better, more loyal and loving friends and family than our brothers and sisters down in Mexico.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing our missionaries (there are many different challenges) is the challenge the team has of living in UNITY with one another. The witness of unity among God’s servants is so powerful — the people of Jerusalem declared of the early followers of Jesus: “see how they love one another.” God commands us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” “No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his friends.” “Bear with one another.” “Forgive one another as I have forgiven you…” “Seven times seven times, each day.”

One soldier of God can withstand a thousand of the enemy. Two soldiers of God united can withstand ten thousand. Call upon the saints in heaven and here on earth (communion of saints) to join with you in your mission to serve the people the Lord has sent you to serve. You are a light upon a lampstand, a city on a hillside. Let your light shine. Know that the Lord has sent you, He is with you, His victory is now yours; give that victory to all creation — announce the Good News – Jesus is risen from the dead – He has defeated sin – He is Emmanuel, God with us!

Build a happy, well ordered home together — with your mission team, with your spouse and family, with the people (poor) of Mexico. Live in peace and unity. Work at peace. Be a peacemaker. Pray constantly.

You are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. You are sowing the imperishable seed of God’s Word! His Word accomplishes its purpose, it does not return empty, it brings life and mercy and eternal joy to all who believe it.

I love you,


About frankfmcmissions

Frank and his wife Genie are the co-founders of Family Missions Company,serving with a board of directors and the blessing of the Bishop of Lafayette. They have served in foriegn missions, along with their seven children, since 1975. They oversee the FMC apostolates and the training of the fulltime missionaries.
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